General Consensus of where you'll get stuck


I was just about to post my frustration and ask if I was doing well enough in the book when I read some of the other comments/topics on the forum.
It seems most of us get stuck at more or less the same place: Chapter 19, when classes are thrown at us! Up until then I feel it’s all pretty straight forward. After some research I’ve come up with some quick reasoning (some of which is explicitly said by the author:

  1. The author has taught us how to read the Xcode documentation, and thus expects us to look up new concepts on our own, in addition to the book–That’s what the pro’s do!

  2. The concept of Classes is the basis of object-oriented programming…it’s supposed to be hard! Case and point, look at how many forum topics there are compared to all the others (before and after chapter 19), it’s crazy!

  3. This is stack learning not classroom learning. Traditionally were used to mastering a concept before moving on. That’s how we’re taught in school. Stacked learning (see “stacked modules learning”) is where you learn 70% of something, then learning 50% of something while building on the 70%, then learn 40% of something else while building on the 70% and the 50% and so on…that’s how developer bootcamps work.

Remember the story the author gave of his kid? When he learns something new he didn’t get frustrated, he just went with it, there’s stuff we don’t know, but we just have to roll with it for a bit.

I myself, made it to chapter 19, now on 20. I know personally know what’s going on in English. The code has definitely gotten fuzzy, I know what a class IS, I know what an Object IS, I know what a method IS, I know what a pointer DOES, I know what a method call LOOKS LIKE, etc. I see the trees, not the forest. I just don’t know how all this comes together…I’m waiting for that “click”. I think if we do some research on our own, do no more than 25 pages a day, we’ll get it. Just because we all heard how amazing this book is, doesn’t mean it’s easy! I don’t mean to make a blog out of a topic, but I’ll post back after a bit and let you guys know how I’m doing :smiley:

Happy Coding!