GeoQuiz - Challenge: Add a Previous Button


I added the previous button, however, I must be missing something since I am experiencing strange behavior.

When the program loads it is on the first question of course. The App works as expected with one strange exception, only on the first question, if I click on the Prev Button the App crashes but only on the first question in the array:
question_oceans - The Pacific Ocean is larger than the Atlantic Ocean. Now, if I click on the Next Button or in the question_text_view area the App goes to the next question with no problem and I can also use the Prev Button but when I get to the first question, the question_oceans and click on the Prev and only on that question and only the Prev Button the App crashes. So the problem exists only on the first question and only when clicking on the Prev Button on the first question. I can’t figure it out. Any ideas?

This is beginning to drive me crazy.


Never mind. I figured it out.


I am facing the same problem, bro.Kindly help me out if you got the solution.