Getting new changes working as expected



I;m new to android development, coming from a COBOL background. After completing the coding in chapter 5, I thought that I would throw this question out there…

Does anyone run into issues where the code changes don’t work right away. I’ve made changes and sometimes they show up as syntax even though its typed correctly. Also, the changes don’t seem to take right away. I sometimes need to play with the code and the emulation before it begins to work.




I I understand you correctly, I may have run into this some. As is suggested elsewhere, in eclipse you can click on Project->Clean and this will clear many things up. You could also try Project->Build Project or Project->Build All . Of course, I also do File->Save All sometimes as well. It is difficult to know your exact problem without what steps it takes to reproduce the issue.

As a newbie myself, I recommend you use the eclipse ADT and not Android Studio until it is no longer pre-release. And even then, if you’re going through the book I recommend using eclipse to keep from introducing unknown unknowns. As Rumsfeld might say, you want to stick with the known unknowns of eclipse rather than introduce the unknown unknowns of Android Studio. :wink:

In fact, I’m also sticking with API 17 until after I finish the book.



Thanks for the info. After 2 days with enclypse issues I finally got it working again. I accidentally unclicked the “default” profile. After I made the change everything began working. I tried the cleaning and everything else I saw on the web and none of them seemed to work. I wanted it to work with the min of 2.2. Also for the Honeycomb test I have everything working except that the “return” button doesnt work. Once I click the “Cheat” button I can’t back out to the Question display.


It may be that your emulator doesn’t have a hardware back button visible, for whatever reason. If that’s the case, you can always trigger “back” by hitting the Esc key.



The back button is visible. It just doesn’t work. I’ll try it with the esc.