One suggestion should you guys put out a new edition of the book in the future. The chapter talks about globals and uses Foundation globals, but the chapter doesn’t tell the newbie how to establish a global in code. I found another guide on the subject: … ables.html

Fabulous book, guys. I’ve read many on Objective C and OS X/ iOS programming, and your book is the best.


The way globals are treated in de article … ables.html
doesn’t work in programming for OSX.
Can anyone tell me how I can declare, assign, maintain and call variables with a global scope?
So far I see only an impractical solution: by using a plist that is written to and read from from a file!
(Anyhow, this book is marvelous!)


This article was very helpful! There was not enough information on global variables in this chapter (and sadly lacking examples of programming global variables) given the claim Objective-C programmers prefer them over #defines.


I too was left wondering how to actually make a global variable myself. Awesome book, loving it, but would have liked more information on this subject, as I imagine it’s quite important.


Totally agree with Orangecicle.

The next edition of this book should definitely include more information regarding global variables.

Also, thanks for the article posted, much appreciated.