Going Back Before Going Forward


Hey Guys,

I’ve only recently decided to give iOS programming a real go, but have most certainly not come from a programming background. Ergo, I’d like to know if I should really go back and read the Objective-C programming book as mentioned in this book, or just push through and hope that it clicks, and perhaps go back to the recommended reading if it doesn’t start to make sense after a few chapters?

Advice would be most welcome!


You can give the iOS book a shot and then come back to Objective-C, but it all depends. Some people have a difficult time picking up Objective-C by itself, because it lacks the “coolness” of creating iOS apps. I’d say you will eventually build both, and you will eventually read the iOS book last, but that may mean iOS->ObjC->iOS or just ObjC->iOS.


Thanks for the response, I’ll keep slogging through until things don’t make sense… Although I did find that going back through the first few chapters again made a significant difference to my understanding.

There hardest thing, I guess, is building accessor methods the old fashioned way - the concept kind of makes sense, but I struggled with it when I was attempting to make my own classes in the gold challenge.

Anyway, I’ll keep on trucking!

Cheers for the great book!


Hello guys… I’m on the same inclination too,… after finishing Apress “Objective-C for the absolute beginners” book / Lynda.com 's “Objective-C Essentials” / & Halfway thru “Lynda.com’s iPhone SDK programming”

  • jumping right into this book without reading it’s prequel is kinda tough… Not that those other materials i have studied are ‘ineffective’, but rather, in my part- i realized that i did not really grasped the ‘Objective-C’ concepts thoroughly…
    even tho i was able to follow and tweak around the projects & challenges of my previous study mat’ls, i find that my jaw hangs whenever i step over simple topics here in iOS SDK programming book (i know i have encountered those, but not really “Digested” them enough)

SO… i finally decided to reLEARN OBJECTIVE-C from the BNR’S Objective-C book…