Gold Challenge & Apple Documentation


SO I have been working on the Gold Challenge. I started with looking into the Apple Documentation for CALayer Shadow properties. The documentation states that if the layer is not transparent and has a background color then the shadow will not show through the layer. However, this does not appear tp be the case. We have a background color and the layer is not transparent, alpha > 0.0. From the documentation

The left and middle versions include a background color so the shadow appears only around the border of the layer.

Any ideas?


Ah, Physics, we meet again! Darth Vader voice

I was in the exact same situation, and was about to give up, but then found the answer in the other topic on this forum. I went on to summarize my solution step by step. You can check it out here: viewtopic.php?f=235&t=4319#p19405

Hope this helps.