Gold Challenge - UIDatePicker question


I am currently working on implementing a datepicker for the date on an item. I havea question:

  • If i want to just make the picker appear on the bottom or in a popup, how can i achieve it the easiest way? Just so i dont have use a whole different view for the picker. Maybe something like this image:


If you wanted to have a UIDatePicker appearing from the bottom of the screen which is attached to an action, you could place the picker in a UIView which also has Done/Cancel buttons in it. This view would initially be placed off screen, then animated up based on the action.

Another way which you could also do for both appearing from the bottom or in a popup is have the date picker in its own UIViewController which has delegate methods for the Done/Cancel actions. To make it appear you would add the view controller as a child of the current view controller.