Gold Challenge Weird Utilities sidebar issue


I have the DetailsViewController XIB file inside of which there are some connections between some objects and the file’s owner (a ViewController). I’m getting nothing shown in the utilities sidebar that you can pop out from the sidebar in order to do some configuration stuff. It shows as “Not Applicable”. I had created the XIB file along with the ViewController file (check marked the option in the New File sheet) so the file’s owner was preconfigured to the ViewController by default.I swear this was working in Silver Challenge project. For this one i had to add a button for date setting so i added it and then weirdly its config stuff didn’t appear in the Utilities area where all inspector sections are . I have already made the connections and added the necessary IBAction selector for the UIButton stuff. Its just that whenever i select an object in the view frame, its config doesn’t show up in the utilities. I have another XIB file hooked with some other view controller, and don’t have the problem. So how this be a problem with DetailsViewController.xib?? What’s up with Utilities sidebar??? :confused: :confused: