Gold Question - Retina Display iPhone Problem


So, odd enough… when I compile my question for a retina display based iPhone, the tableView defaults to the center rather the top and I have no idea why. It also doesn’t allow me to permanently scroll upwards (you have to hold the scrolled cells up and make the scroll line decrease). I know it’s a bit hard to explain, but I can’t seem to find out why or if it’s a sizing issue on Retina iphones. Attached is an image of what happens:

This is the page that loads. From here, there are more items located above these cells. Has anyone else seen something like this or does anyone know why this is adjusted like this. If I need to provide any code, feel free to ask.


I am not sure it helps you (and it has been a while since you asked the question), but it does not behave like you describe it for me on iOS6 (using the simulator).