Good book for new starters


Hi guys just wanted to give you some feedback on the book so far, I’m 25% in having finally found a text that fits my skill level quite well.

I spent a lot of time as a kid programming in BASIC and moved on to STOS/AMOS before having a few years off. I’ve been wanting to get back into programming for the Mac / iOS for a good year or two but just couldn’t find a text that picked up the threads of my previous knowledge well enough, but I’m pleased to say I think your book does a great job.

One bit of criticism I might make is that the polar to cartesian exercise was a little confusing due to the slight lack of context, but it was on the other hand a good stretch of my ability so far.

Overall great job, and I will probably be moving on to your iOS book soon.


No computer science book would be complete without several overly academic examples of mathematical properties the reader cares absolutely nothing for (if he can help it :slight_smile:). These include, but are not limited to, logical rules named for long-dead Frenchmen, ancient Greek arithmetic algorithms, working with imaginary numbers, and of course, the joys of trigonometry. :slight_smile:


Good old imaginary numbers, haven’t encountered those for some time.