Good resources for working programmatically


I’m trying to write my first app after reading through the book carefully (including gold challenges). It was a great book, but I am still finding it hard to adapt to reading over documentation and tutorials. In particular, it seems that even stack overflow and apple lean heavily towards storyboarding, while I share the authors’ view that storyboarding seems like trouble. I am even starting to think (like the authors) that xib’s are trouble. Are there some extensive collections of tutorials, etc on exclusively programatic app creation? Thanks!


I have coded in both the BNR style of using XIB’s and StoryBoards. My advice is to stick with the book till you reach the story board’s chapters. My experience is that once you understand the non-storyboard approach, then learning to use the storyboards will make a lot more sense. For example, selecting the show option when you are creating a segue is nothing more then pushing a view controller on top of a navigation controller.

Storyboard simple abstracts a lot of code that you perform in BNR. Another great use for storyboards, in iOS 8 is the easy creation of prototype cells, which involves no coding as compared to the approach of creating a custom uitableviewcell in BNR. But really, if you know how to create a uitableviewcell programmatically, it is not difficult at all to do so in storyboards.

However, I understand that you might want to find more of such resources in the new iOS 8 landscape, especially with the adoption of Swift. Here are some useful tutorials that I have found. I have been informed by BNR customer service, that the 5th edition will be out sometime next year, so we just have to be patient.

In the meantime, try to stick with the book till the end. Then read Ray Wenderlich on the iOS Apprentice’s series to get comfortable with the Swift’s syntax and the use of Storyboards. The book also show how some of the storyboards segues can be performed programmatically (like presentViewController(navigationController, animated: true, completion: nil) for modal) and great starting point for bridging the Big Nerd’s ranch approach that is currently written in Objective-C with Swift.