Got 6 weeks



I am a secondary Computing Teacher in the UK and am going to try to work through this book (or some of it) over the next 6 weeks I have off. Anyone else just starting out want to bounce ideas off each other? I am most likely going to be checking these forums once a day as I progress and get stuck.

Let me know if you are interested,



Sure - I’m on a tough schedule too


I don’t appear to be able to pm you my contact details. Either way, I “added you as a friend”. Perhaps that means you can have mine? I decided to go back to my Java book as I needed to refresh it massively. Working through the sams 6th edition on day 7 now.


Yeah the Java is important - I just finished Head First Java ( which took about a year on and off). I think 6 weeks is ambitious but I have an android industry project lined up as well as my coursework (1 android paper) so I was hoping to get through a good chunk in that time!


Yes, I am going to be a bit longer on the Java work. Perhaps next summer ill come back to the Android book.