Got some HTML


So, prior to realizing a typographical error on my part (I had typed instead of /smartfeed), I was seeing the HTML of the bignerdranch website in my console, as opposed to the content of the forums. I understand that typing the correct URL gives you the correct result, but why did typing the WRONG URL still give me some legible output?

On a different note, say I’m building an application for a totally different RSS feed. How do I find out what the correct URL should be, since you said each one depends on the server?


Well, if you contact a server, it should always return you something. It is probably returning you a 404 to be displayed in an HTML browser.

RSS is a standard, so an RSS feed is going to be the same for any site (with a few variations on the version) except for the base URL. Typically, a public web service publishes an API reference.