Great BOOK!


I just completed the first 11 chapters of the book that essentially gives you a crash course in C. I’ve taken classes in both C and JAVA and must say that this introduction to C is the most clear and concise coverage of the language I’ve ever experienced. Some of the concepts that I struggled to understand are now clear to me.

Thanks a MILL!!!


Thanks! That means a lot to me.



I started the book today and completed the first five chapters in a couple hours. I was expecting it to be tough, but I actually had fun with it. It helped a lot to read most of Kochan’s “Programming in C” first, and reading that book was hard work. It is a good book, I’m not criticising it, But your book was a breeze by comparison.

So far, so good.


Enjoying the book so far, just dl’d it from amazon a couple days ago. I’m just getting back into programming again after about a 7 - 8 year hiatus. I’m coming from C/C++ and so far I’m finding your guidance in the transition very helpful.

My question is, what do you recommend as the next step in the learning process when I’m seeking to create iOS apps? According to amazon, I see you have a new edition in the works for iOS 5 Xcode 4.2. Any idea about when the kindle version will be available, or do you have another recommendation for now to continue my education into iOS 5? (I’m figuring to be done with this current book some time next week)


We should have the new edition of iOS Programming (3rd edition) out in March. That would be the best next step for you.

Next week? Well, you could look at the Lamarche book, its pretty good. Or, you could use our 2nd edition – there is some help for making it work with Xcode 4.2 on the forums. (Everything you learn will also apply to iOS 5, except the memory management stuff; on iOS 5 you’d probably use ARC.)


Thanks Aaron! Looking forward to your next book! Keep up the great work :slight_smile:


I have the LaMarche book, it’s pretty good, but I stopped it and bought Objective-C Programming when I realized I needed to understand Objective C better to continue. I am almost done so I will go back to it until BNR iOS version 3 comes out, can’t wait!


Just like the Mac, this book too has way exceeded my expectations! It’s very well structured, clear, non-overwhelming and explains the reasons behind what’s being done.

I am totally new to Objective-C but every example I’ve tried up to chapter 29 has worked for me, which is something I can’t say for many of the programming books out there.

Books like these not only make learning a pleasure but also help us grasp the concepts fairly easily.

Many thanks!