Great Book


I figured that this was the place to post a thanks to you for a great book. I’d struggled with basic Xcode and the documentation to make a couple of small apps but this process (one line of code per hour with copious delving into Xcode’s documention) had left me with a bunch of unanswered questions which I think the book has helped me move on with.

If Xcode remembered where I had been - then that would help, bookmarks are just not good enough.

I think in the end that the discipline of actually typing in the code - and looking at each line - and finding and fixing the problems caused by my typos is actually a good way of learning. Apple’s example solutions always seem to remain very enigmatic (and don’t always compile) and your book which allows me to build up solutions is such a better way of doing things.

So thanks a lot. It’s helped - of course I am now left with a bunch more questions - but that is the nature of the game.


Yep. I have a few reference books on objective-C and Cocoa but whenever I hit a problem I keep coming back to this one for solutions and to check my understanding of things. Thanks!