HeaderView scrolls off screen


Shouldn’t the table view headerView stay fixed at the top of the screen? When I implement the code in chapter 8 to create the table view, controller, etc. and compile the app with a larger number of BNRitem’s (say 15), the headerView will scroll off the screen instead of staying fixed at the top. From what I understand, when initializing with UITableViewStylePlain, the headerView should not move off the screen, especially with a single section. Did I miss something in the implementation of the code? Do I need to explicitly define the number of sections as one? Otherwise it runs fine. …and great Book!


Did you read Apple’s current user-interface guidelines for iOS?


OK, I see in the next chapter that this header view is replaced by a navigation controller and its corresponding bar buttons. I guess I wrongly assumed that the table view header was meant to be fixed in place at the top of the screen for a table with only one section. It makes sense now that a navigation controller would deal with the edit/add functions and the actual header/footer views could scroll with the table. Slowly learning…