Help creating BNRItem class


Hi all,

New to a mac. I have Xcode 4.4 and Mac OS 10.7.4. I’m trying to follow the creation of the BNRItem class and I’m stuck. Following the instructions I finish the creation of the class without being given the selection of checking the randompossessions as a target. Then when I open the .h file it has:

#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>

instead of #import <Foundation/Foundation.h> :question:

I can’t seem to find any correction for this. Can someone help me out please. Thanks!


When you created the project, you selected one of the Cocoa application templates, but you should have selected the Command Line Tool template in the Mac OS X:Application directory.

Start over again by creating a new project.


FYI for those who might have the same issues later on.

OK, I figured out what I did wrong. When I was creating the new file for the class I did not have the random possessions project open, I probably closed it or something. Anyway after I opened the project, selected the new file to create then it worked the way it was suppose to.


Calwas thanks, but I figured out what the issue was.



Yeah, I discovered that same issue, I had closed mine out after a night of learning and then opened up again in the morning and started reading. I kept scratching my head figuring I was missing something really easy. Then I said the magic phrase “I wonder if…” and sure enough that’s what fixed it.

Came over here to see if anyone was having the same problem. Glad to know I am not alone.

I don’t think this is an error on the BNR side either, I just think for people like me, who are just getting into learning all of this, I make some assumptions that are OK and some that are wrong. I just like the fact that working through them gives me the results I am looking for.

Matt. :smiley: