Help understanding documentation


When we coded the selector -(void)zoneChange:(NSNotification *)note

I started to wonder how I would have figured out on my own that this method takes a pointer to a NSNotification object. If I were unfamiliar with coding for this type of notification, where would I have started in looking for this in the docs? I looked at the header file for NSNotificationCenter, but I’m not sure I would have gleaned this from that… Would the programming guide be quicker? I’m just trying to get a feel for this so sorry if this is a confusing or too open ended question!



Here’s something weird: much of Objective-C programming has been passed down via oral tradition, like folk tales.

I suspect that there is a line somewhere in the documentation that says “The method triggered will be passed the NSNotification object”, but really, most people learned it from someone else. And you just learned it from me.

The good news is that I tried to put most of these community idioms in this book, so if you understand my book, the rest of Apple’s references should be intelligible.


Thank you - At least I’m know I’m not crazy! I had a feeling that some of the things I was seeing were just “known”… From learning other programming languages, I do know that I’ll one day get to that level of comfort with Objective C - I’m glad to know that you’ve included most of these idioms in your books! For the most part though, and from what I’ve seen so far - the Apple documentation still far surpasses a lot of other “official” docs that are out there for other programming languages! I do love the programming guides that are included. Thanks for all the help.