Help us figure out where the delegate docs are


This would me more of a hint to add to your book.
You should add a entry on how to locate the NS Class Documentation for the subject at hand, if needed.
No matter how good your book is if I can’t figure out how to spot the type of information you are talking about in the documentation it’s useless.

An example would be the delegates. Lest use NSSpeechSynthesizer like in the book.
After reading the paragraph I said great sound good where is the information in the documentation. What other classes have delegates. How do I figure out if a class has delegates.

If you look at NSSpeechSynthesizer, in the overview column you you do not see any of the delegate methods you mention but if you search the text you will. What the…? You find references to the delegates methods but not the official information. Lets look at the Overview column again and search for delegate. you still do not see the delegate Methods associated with speechSynthesizer:didFinishSpeaking:.

The trick to finding out if a NS Class has any delegates is to look in the documentations overview and look for delegate. Once you are at the documents delegate entry you will see a link with the Class Name with Delegate at the end. Click on the link and you will have a list of all it’s delegate(s). So NSSpeechSynthesizer -> NSSpeechSynthesizerDelegate.

Adding the above information in the book would have helped me find the information we are referring to and help me understand the structure of the NS Class Documentation.

I am sure I am not all on on this.


Start with How to Read this Book, on Page 7.

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