Help with b.n.r. guide forum - info overload


I purchased an apple mac pro mid sep /11 & downloaded Xcode the next day,(prospective app developer!).
From Xcode’s version info i have Xcode 4.1 & IOS 4.3.
I bought the BNR guide & started the first ‘quiz’ tutorial. All was going well until i tried to cntrl click to bring up the hud window, to do the drag connections, this was significantly different to pause proceedings (no clearcut ‘question field’ or ‘answer field’ to drag from, only a single line under outlets ‘rootviewcontroller’ & under referencing outlets ‘window - x Quiz A…’). So i referred to the intro & brought up the BNR forum where i am struggling to find a simple answer to my question. And i suspect this will continue throughout the rest of the book - which i find well written clear & enjoyable up to this point & whilst its very enterprising of BNR to create a ‘cure yourself forum’ i was kinda hoping for a list, from them, saying this is the list of changes you will need with IOS 4.3 as intimated in the book, to ensure compatibility with your version of the software. Pse excuse my obviously naive perceptions.

Can anyone help??

Greg 4/10/11


If I understand correctly, you’re not seeing the expected outlets in the connections panel. Did you select the QuizAppDelegate in the outline view before you used Control-Click? It sounds like you have the Window object selected instead.

Hope that helps,


Thanks Doug for your reply i’ll try what you say.