Hi there! Just got your book today!


Not sure if this is a appropriate place, but I did not see a general section for the iPhone Programming book.

I just wanted to say that I am looking forward to using the book. I really enjoyed the Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X book and it was one of my favorite programming books, and I’ve read a lot programming books (from Java, C#, ASP.NET, Python, ActionScript, etc). Hillegass’ writing style was very good and lively while still being professional. The section on “how to learn” is something that I still try to remember, that is 1) get lots of sleep when absorbing new material and information, and 2) remind yourself that you are not stupid. Great advice.

Anyway, I was excited to hear that the author co-wrote another book and I immediately ordered the iPhone Programming book. To my happy surprise, it came in the mail today! I already have 4 other iPhone books and have been doing some iPhone/iPad development for a little while, so I did not really need another beginner book, but the Cocoa book by Hillegass went into some advance territory and I still refer to it often so I figured it was a no-brainer to buy the iPhone book, too. I’m sure I’ll learn new stuff (in fact I did already).

Looking forward to learning with the new book.

I do have one question, I read the introduction in book and was a little sad to see that a OpenGL ES chapter was not included, as the authors decided to put it in a separate book. Thinking about it some how,I actually this is a great idea since there are so few books on OpenGL ES and the iPhone. Is there any rough estimate when we’ll expect the OpenGL ES book? And is there a title for the book yet? Will it be devoted only to OpenGL ES or other topics?

Some other remarks from a very quick scan of the book. I skimmed the table of content, and I’m glad your example applications aren’t run of the mill stuff, but instead look pretty fun and creative. The “WhereAmI” application in particular looks like a cool idea that I can implement in one of my future projects.

I also liked that fact you have a whole chapter on memory management, with nice illustrations, like the “heap allocation life cycle”. It already cleared up some things for me.

Thanks again. Off to studying…


I hope you like the book.

Regarding the OpenGL for iPhone book. We have about five other books we need to get to the presses before we can dedicate serious time to such a specific subject. But, we are thinking about it.

  • Aaron Hillegass