Homepwner's performance


The problem encountered happens since image picker has been incorporated into detail view.

After an image is taken in the detail view and it is stored, whenever I press the created item in item view to check its detail view, the transition is in slow-motion that is just like a 5fps animation.

It just happens on my real iPhone 4 but not on my real iPad 2, neither on any of the simulators. I have no clue about this.
I thought it is just a simple-function app compared with others on the app store, performance shouldn’t be a problem.

hello guys, do you have any comments about this?


One of the challenges addresses this issue… I think perhaps in this chapter. Basically, the image is huge, it has to be loaded into memory, and than shrunk into a much smaller place on the screen. Time consuming stuff.

One solution is to shrink the images that are saved to the filesystem. The other is to load the image after the animation completes.