Hopelessly stuck on first bit of this challenge



The challenge is:

“Using delegation, retrieve the heading information from the CLLocationManager and print it to the console. Hint: You need to implement at least one more delegate method and send another message to the location manager.”

Unfortunately I have absoluetly no idea what this means. What is heading information?

Sorry if I’m being an idiot but I really am an idiot where this sort of thing is concerned, I’m a totally confused newbie (although I’ve enjoyed following the book greatly up to this chapter when I started to despair a little).

Many thanks for any help which anyone can offer.


Which direction you’re facing (AKA ‘heading’ in). I was momentarily confused when I saw it, since I was thinking it meant some sort of document heading…


Thank you so much, I’d totally misunderstood, I thought it was a “heaidng” property of an object or something rather than just “where I’m heading”.

That’s really helpful, many thanks.