How can i provision my device?


I have just finished my first book: Objective C programming and now i moved to the next level with iOS programming 3rd edition. I’m half way in chapter 1. I wrote the code of Quiz app and now i want to deploy it to my iOS device (iPhone 5). It’s my first try on how to deploy an app to an iOS device. My question is: i simply don’t know how to provision my device? I have just subscribed to the iOS developer program but simply i don’t know the procedure! I read in the book that i need to go to and look for development Provisioning Assistant. I could’t find it :blush:


When you log into the Member Center, go to iOS Provisioning Portal.

There you will see the link to the Development Provisioning Assistant (there is a “Launch Assistant” button).



Thx Nick. I found it. The problem was in my subscription! I subscribed to iOS development program but it’s wasn’t active. So once Apple activated it, i found the link:)