How do I change the Voices text field font size?

I would like to have a Menu action to increase or decrease the text field font size in the Voices table view. Sounds simple enough, right?

It was easy enough to do in my other app that uses the “cell based” table view but “cell based” is deprecated and we are supposed to only use “view based”.

So, the sample code for chapter 7, Working with Table Views, is a perfect example of a view based table view but I am not able to get the Voice names to resize correctly.

I have searched all over the net for a solution and have not hit upon either a consistent or a working answer.

In the old “cell based” days one merely subclassed the NSTextFieldCell and over rode the drawInteriorWithFrame and titleRectForBounds functions.

Is there a straight forward way to do this for “view based” table views?