How do I set a static text field to editable?


In the text of this chapter, two sentences above figure 11.12, it says
"Before continuing, use the attributes inspector to set the Behavior of each Static Text Field to Editable."

I’ve been staring at the XCode UI for awhile, but I just can’t see the option in the attributes inspector with static text fields selected. Is it in plain sight and I’m just not seeing it, or is there a minor typo in the kindle edition of the book?
I’m reading the 4th ed of the book on a kindle, I’m using XCode 4.2.

I presume this means the static text fields within the table view. I expanded the dock view (expanded object heirarchy view), and selected the “Static Text - Table…” field out from under the Table Cell View, and went to the Attributes inspector. I just don’t see any check box or drop down that seems to make it editable.

I did see an editable section in the Bindings inspector, is that what this text is referring to? If so, I would imagine that I need to bind to the Cars object and set the model path appropriately for this column.

I also see some static text in the box for Date Purchased and Condition, but in the attributes inspector I don’t see any check box for editible for them either.

I followed the rest of the instructions for the CarLot sample all the way up to the “How core data works” section, but when I build my app, the add button does nothing. I would guess because I haven’t found the right way to set a static text field to editable.



if you select static text then click on the attribute inspector, the you will see there is a main section called “Text Field”. Under this main section there are 3 sub-sections, look at the 3rd one, there is an option named Behavior which is set to None by default. Just change the value from the drop down to “Editable”


Thanks! That was it! I just didn’t think to look at the values in the drop down, I was just focused on looking for a checkbox. Thanks again for the help!