How do I stop the debugger?


I’m not sure what I’m doing “wrong” but when I launch the app I no longer have the ability to disconnect or terminate in the debug perspective. The only thing I can do is go to the DDMS perspective and stop the process. It was like that when I first started running the apps on my device and then it stopped (meaning I was magically able to press terminate or disconnect buttons) and now I’m back to not being able to terminate or disconnect. :frowning:

I’m trying to get used to using the different perspectives, but it’s not really working for me. I’d really like just one perspective with everything I need in it. Do “all” Android developers constantly switch between perspectives or have they set up a highly a customized perspective? I just feel like I’m fighting with the environment.



Weird: When I would launch the debugger, I would have eclipse open the debug perspective. The debug perspective had the LogCat view selected - perhaps I was looking at that at some point? anyway the disconnect button was always disabled. I switched to the debug view and the disconnect button became enabled.

At this point I’ve also customized the Java perspective to include the debug tools and variables and debug views. I also changed the project to not launch the debug perspective when the debug button is clicked.

So far things seems to be working as I would want.

I noticed too that if you are in the debug perspective and right click on the project package you get a different context menu then if you are in the Java perspective. I guess that makes sense but the first time I did that (not thinking about which perspective was active at the time) expecting to the see option of adding a new class, and it wasn’t there, I was a little confused until I switched perspectives and tried again.


Not sure about all developers, but I tend to have 1-3 perspectives available, and heavily customize them. The system is complex enough that I sometimes feel that I have to re get used to the way things are after an update. I figure it builds character. :wink:
Oh, Fair warning: once in a blue moon I find Eclipse will just forget all my perspective changes and reset the perspectives and I have to start over. Not sure what triggers that, I figure its not on purpose. One thing I’ve been playing with recently is saving my changes to the Java perspective with a different name (Main). This requires a bit of fiddling regarding default view settings, and I haven’t decided if there’s a payoff yet, but I’m hoping that if Eclipse resets the Java perspective in the future, maybe it will leave my Main one alone. It’s a theory.


thanks for the reply. I’m not sure my fiddling has paid off. Now, when I launch Eclipse it has the Terminate and disconnect buttons enabled - even though i’m not debugging, obviously - I just launched the IDE. When I click the terminate button Eclipse tells the that the option is not enabled…

I’ll keep trying. Good advice about saving the perspective as another name. I was just overwriting Java.