How important is mathematics?


Do I have to be good with mathematics to become a great programmer, or just the basics will do fine? I’m 28 and don’t deal with math since high school, and I’m a industrial designer. Now here I am willing to learn how to program while bend totally distant from math dor like 10 years.

I want to learn Objective C to start dealing with iOS games, but I guess I may not be suited for it.


No higher math is required. That’s what computers are for…

If you need some higher math, there are books, Google and other resources available…

Enjoy iOS programming…


HIgh-school-level geometry is the highest level of math I think you’ll need.


If you want to build games, you’ll definitely need to understand some trigonometry. Luckily, there are many pages on the internet focused on trig and game development. Also, SOHCAHTOA.