How should the popover look?


Hi. I am having a problem with the aspect of the popover in this chapter. See screenshot.

As you see, the master view in the app looks like the mail app master view. However, according to figure 26.5 in the book the look should be more like an usual popover, with black borders and a small arrow above.

I have rechecked the code I’m writing, but found no issues. Am I doing something wrong?



I have been having the same issue. I did a bit of digging and as far as I can tell this is an interesting “bug”/change in iOS 5.1


If you select the NerdFeed project and set the deployment target to iOS 5.0 (and make sure to set the simulator to the iPad 5.0 simulator) and run it in the simulator you should see the behavior shown in the book. I don’t follow any of the solutions to get iOS 5.1 to follow the book’s behavior.


Yes, BenWood is correct. This is the new presentation style Apple has put forth with iOS 5.1. The behavior in app is now consistent with Apple’s ‘experiment’, if you will, with it in Mail for iPad.


OK, thank you very much for your clarification. I understand now.

I think it’s a feature, more than a bug, probably for forcing consistency of presentation in master-detail apps. I will test with the simulator on 5.0 and see.


I actually think it’s a good improvement - in addition to the new look, in portrait mode you can now just swipe inward from the left side of the screen to have the master view controller appear - therefore, you don’t even need a master-view button showing in the toolbar (though it does help).


I wondered about this popover behavior, I’ll have to try compiled for 5.0 and see if that works.