How to default xib views to 3.5" in xCode 4.5 post iPhone 5


Since updating to xCode 4.5, and with the release of the iPhone 5 with the 4" display, each time I create a new ViewController with a xib file, the xib defaults to a 4" display size.

At the moment I’m chapter 8 and am adding the HeavyViewController with its corresponding xib file. When I follow the instructions in the book, which assume a 3.5" view in the xib, I now get, the taller skinny 4" default xib view.

How can I covert that xib to a 3.5" view to continue with the chapter?



Found the answer here: … nch-iphone

There is a ‘Size’ option in the view’s attribute inspector that I somehow didn’t see before. Picking the ‘Retina 3.5 Full Screen’ option sets the xib view back to the old 3.5" size.



I couldn’t figure out why things weren’t looking right on my iPhone 4S.

Thanks for posting Dale.