How to download themes to eclipse?


When I start a new android project I get a long list of error messages in themes_base.xml about no resource found to match given names. How do I install the themes?
I installed the all-in-one “eclipse adt bundle” from just a few days ago; should I start over and get eclipse and the sdk’s separately?


I reinstalled everything and still get a long list of errors like this:
workspace\appcompat_v7\res\values-v21\styles_base.xml:75: error: Error retrieving parent for item: No resource found that matches the given name ‘android:Widget.Material.ActionButton’.

How do I install whatever is missing?


This android book of yours says if there’s any problem just visit our website and we’re happy to help. Does anyone actually monitor these forums?


You can always search for the forum for similar problems. If you don’t need the appcompatv7 support library, you can remove it from your project. This thread seems to be related: viewtopic.php?f=398&t=9568