How to Increase My Android App Ratings and Reviews


hi I am just thinking to develop few android application and want to make it popular. But its easy to create app but when it comes to marketing i got always stuck.
I was doing search on google but every thing seems to be costly as of now. Here are many people who can give me best suggestion so please comment here what should i do to make my app viral.
one of my website found they are selling android app reviews but i am thinking to use google ads service.
Give me suggestion what kind of service you use.


Here are 5 ways by which you can increase your Android app ratings and reviews:

  1. Use an App Review Plugin
  2. Incentivize Users to Review Your App
  3. Leverage Helpshift to Provide Direct Support to Your Users
  4. Time the Prompt
  5. Run a Contest
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Hi. It’s very easy! First of all I have a question - do you have root rights? If yes - write me and I give you an instructions, how to use benefits of root, if not - try to use android emulators or another software


Use rich snippet rating plugins.
Get some reviews on your keyword and app.
Push some trsuted links.
Get some shares and that might help.

With Regards,
Xexukulu Das