How to promote my Android App?


Hello All,

My name is Ben Carlos and I am new in the field of Android App development. I am making my first app and it is almost complete. Hopefully it will be completed by the end of this month. Now when the development work in almost complete, I am worried a bit that how can I able to get most our of my app and how can I promote it and make it a popular app. Please share you suggestions here.

Thank you all


There are plenty of things you can do to promote your app like promoting it on social sites , make your own website that then promote it by doing its search engine optimization or working with Google adwords etc. Also there are many service providers online where you can buy app ratings and reviews for your app to increase the popularity of your app. This is probably the best option for all those people who don’t have much time to work on the other things like promoting their apps on forums , blogs and social sites etc.


Hi, Ben! My name is Karlos. I can help you with app promotion. You can send me a link to your app and I will make a positive review and will download an app. I just want to help you for free!


Try this service
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You can buy it and lounch through special software or get root rights or you can lounch it on your pc through bluestacks - get all necessary files and sync. Just write to me, if you need some help!


Hi, Ben my name is Mandy i have read what you want to say although there are many way to promote your android app but before promoting your app, i think you should buy app reviews that can be helpful to increase your app install more and to know more information about it you can follow through the link we can help you as far as possible.


How i can promote app like a spy recorder?


ASO plays an important role when you are going for app promotion.

Factors of app store optimization

  1. Title
  2. Descriptions
  3. Screenshot of app
  4. Installs volume
  5. Icon

Find more strategies here:

Android app developer also plays an important role while creating app promotion startegy.