How to Serialize TrueFalse Class and Store in Bundle?


I am trying to complete the third challenge a bit differently than the other folks here. I understand how to make a separate array that is easily stored/read from the instance state bundle. I have added a Cheater private var to the TrueFalse array and am trying to get the array stored/read form the bundle.

I saw the put.Serializable method and have made TrueFalse serializable by adding “implements Serializable” and the requisite version number, but that makes it work for a single class element, not for storing the entire array in the bundle.

I am a bit at an end - how can I store the entire array in one shot? do I need to go in the parcel direction? Any advise is appreciated. I need this because I want to get a better grasp of persisting all sorts of data types beyond the basic ones in bundles etc.

Thanks in advance, and I love the book!


OK I solved it but I had to simply use a loop and store each array entry as a serializable and give them each a different key. Sure would be nice to just be able to copy a whole array. As an old C programmer I yearn for the simple days of the memcpy() hammer!

Still would like to know what other alternatives there are though and how they compare (parcelable etc)…


ArrayList implements Serializable, so you can just stash the entire thing in one go.

(and thanks!)