On page 154, the HypnoAppDelegate.m is introduced and code supplied.

However, in the 2nd paragraph, it says “Open HypnoAppDelegate.m”.

My question: where and when and how did this file get created?

It is suddenly introduced without context and instruction.


So I just went ahead and assumed there was a typo in the book or in my type in
from an earlier chapter regarding “HypnoTimeAppDelegate” (reality) vs.
HypnoAppDelegate (book) and completed the example with build and button->time result
and forged onward…


The AppDelegate is created by the template. The project name is “HypnoTime”, but the class prefix is “Hypno” (see Figure 7.1). Read “for the more curious: The main function and UIApplication” at the end of the 7th chapter.


Yep, you have to be careful - the project name and the class prefix fields are separate now and you’ll end up with different names if you don’t use the same class prefix as the book.