so the fist time that it tells me to run the app I get a Thread. how do I stop the threads. or what am I doing wrong because i have tried doing it over 3 times please help


Any app uses threads. They just coordinate the work of the app. It is totally ok. To stop, just push the stop button in the top left corner…


What i mean is that the Thread like stops the app from working how do i prevent that??


It´s not like an app „stumbles” over a thread, it runs on a thread!
There must be another issue. What makes you sure that it is the thread stopping your app?
If a thread shows up, it means, that potentially something happens. Nothing more and nothing less. Maybe it could be helpful to send some screenshot of the problem.
Is the simulator showing up when you hit start? Where does it get stuck?
Are you sure you implemented the appDelegate method like the book says? Maybe you didn´t assign the new viewController to the window, so it gets lost after the method finishes, and your screen stays black!


omg i figured it out!! well so far any way :smiley: thinks so much ill post more if i have questions


Would be interesting what the problem actually was :slight_smile: