Icloud syncing issues


I’m getting some weird behaviour.

My syncing isn’t happening, or certainly not immediately. I have the app running on my iphone and ipad. It’s plugged into my ipad, so I can see the log files.

On my phone, I select a message which gets marked as read. Nothing happens on my ipad. If i exit/restart the app it seems to pick up the marked as read.

I then noticed some error logs. I’m getting error 256 (failed to download) and erro 134302 (error importing ubiquity log transaction (or something)

after about 5 minutes, it seems to sort itself out, and I get my checkmark, but it’s by no means instant!

If I hadn’t been sat here with it plugged in while searching for a solution I may not have noticed, so just though I’d post in case someone else encounters similar behaviour!


I get the same behaviour with the same devices you are using mtancock (iPad and iPhone).

What I’ve noticed is that if I mark a thread as read on the iPad within 10 seconds a checkmark beside the appropriate thread appears on the iPhone (which is running the same app). If I reverse that (read on the iPhone and wait for the read checkmark to appear on the iPad) it takes about (like you found) 5 minutes.

My guess is it’s something related to the Split View controller.


Actually, it might be an iCloud “iPhone vs iPad” thing. The sync time when marking a thread on the iPad and seeing it appear on the iPhone for me currently is a consistent 9 seconds. The reverse (mark a thread on the iPhone and wait for the read check to appear on the iPad) seems to be a consistent 5 minutes.

Backend (iCloud) issue?