Images-CoreData-Store in External Rec File option


Hi BNR Chiefs and community,

First off, I applause BNR folks for what you’re doing with your enterprise…

In going thru chapters 12-16 with a heightened interest in efficiently saving images for various delivery destinations, and of course seeing how other folks manage images, I like your approach most at this point. Storing externally with CFUUIDRef. I do wonder if this is the current safest pattern given that there’s this other (spooky) data model option “Store in External Record File”. The guys who wrote the learn iPad Book use it, however I’m sort of reluctant on relying on Apple to “just manage” uniqueness, optimization, etc… I can’t talk about the beta but…

Anyone have any thoughts about this?



I do wonder why I can’t find a stitch of documentation at Apple about this feature. I’ll check out some of the WWDC videos from last year and this next…