Implementation code files for NSString.h?


Seems like a good place to ask this since I’ve run into it again in this chapter… I’m trying to follow the bit about the writeToFile:atomically:encoding:error method of the NSMutableString class. I understand everything about the method, but here is my question. I’m trying to look at the NSMutableString class code myself… If I command click on the class name it takes me to NSString.h header file, but where in the world is the .m implementation file? I can’t seem to find any of the foundation implementation files to dig through the code (yes for fun…) I’m beginning to wonder if they are compiled somewhere instead of readable code?




Apple keeps all the .m files in a vault. They are compiled into a binary format and distributed as a big, unreadable file inside a framework.

The .h is considered public, the .m is private.