Inconsistency re: locating single object


When creating a new item (page 186), we locate the just-created item using indexOfObject: via…

- (IBAction) addNewItem: (id) sender
   BNRItem * newItem = ...;

   NSInteger lastRow = [[[BNRItemStore sharedStore] allItems] indexOfObject: newItem];

But when DELETING an item (page 187), we use removeObjectIdenticalTo: via…

- (void) removeItem: (BNRItem *) item
   [self.privateItems removeObjectIdenticalTo: item];

The text following the deletion code explains why, noting that removeObjectIdenticalTo: (which uses indexOfObjectIdenticalTo: in its underlying implementation) [quote]…removes an object if and only if it is the exact same object as the ones passed in this message.[/quote]
So…isn’t that a good reason to use indexOfObjectIdenticalTo: in addNewItem:?