Info button crash


I’m guessing that I either missed something, the fix is coming later (although I only have 30 pages left), or it got missed from the book.

Now that I have implemented the Apple top songs feed into Nerdfeed, I noticed that the Info button is still in the titleBar when the apple feed is active. I clicked on it to see what would happen, and it throws an exception. I didn’t do much looking into this, as I figure the best way to deal with it is to hide that button when the apple feed is active, because it works fine when the BNR feed is active.

I just don’t remember putting in any code to hide this button, and I’m guessing it’s probably not coming up either, although I could be wrong.

Anyway, I just thought I’d point that out.


Yes, I had already inserted a couple of lines of code to hide the Info button when viewing the Apple feed in a previous version of Nerdfeed. In this version, however, there is a further (little) problem concerning the Info button: title and info string for the channel are not displayed in the detail table any more, because the channel copy we create in BNRFeedStore is never populated with this data. The problem is easily fixed by setting title and info string in the copy when we update it with the items coming from the server, but maybe there is a cleverer way to do that – I haven’t had the time to investigate further…