Installing on an actual device


I just picked up an LG Optimus G for use in development. I followed the instructions to turn on USB debugging, but the option is grayed out. I can’t move the slider at all. (I previously had some Samsung phone and it worked fine but the usb port broke after a week so I returned it).

Is this common? (disabling the option for USB debugging)

Is my only choice to root the phone?

I know there are a ton of phones, but I suspect most of them operate in the same way for this sort of thing.


Whoops, a quick google search indicated that I couldn’t change the option if I was currently plugged in via USB. Removed the cable and the option opened up. I don’t know why my google power failed the first time I searched.


I have a Samsung Captivate I am using as a hardware device. It is running cyanogenmod, 4.1.2. I couldn’t find any device
drivers at Samsung (or elsewhere) for the debug mode device (ID’d as just SGH-I897). However it turns out that with the SDK
there is a folder with device drivers, and it happened to work with the Captivate. So if you are having problems getting a device
driver for your hardware, check out the directory