Interested in purchasing this book, a few questions!


Hello everybody! I hope you are all well.

I have been looking forward to picking this book up tomorrow. The reviews look great and suggest that it is a wonderful text for newbies to follow. This is my main concern, let me explain my computer background.

I have been a hobbyist/freelance web designer for 6 years now. I’m experienced with XHTML/CSS and have used PHP over the years for various projects. Recently I have been learning JavaScript and OOP.

My goal now is to develop iPhone/iPad applications and OS X software. Should I dive in and purchase this book, or will I be hurting myself in the long run due to lack of curly braced programming experience?




You’ll struggle more than someone with a C background, but you should be fine. You will be learning two things at once: Objective-C and the iPhone SDK. Therefore, you will probably need to go through the book more than once or purchase an additional Objective-C book. While the first few chapters focus on Objective-C, it does assume you have at least used C before. The thing that will trip you up will be “pointers”, but, hey, gotta learn 'em sometime!


Thank you Mr. Conway! I picked it up last night and will be reading it shortly :smiley: