Interface builder for iOS application


I know that it is maybe stuid question, but how can i build iOS app with interface builder? When following book, we created iTehDoodle programaticly, and TehDoodle with xib. For fun of it i was about to try creating iTehDoodle with interface builder but i am not sure how to do it (no cocoa touch interface builder option). Any help?


The BNR iOS Programming book, or its predecessor the iPhone Programming are excellent resources.
Don’t leave home without them :slight_smile:

You can also take a look at what Apple provides: Go to Start Developing iOS Apps Today in Xcode’s Organizer’s Documentation.


If you create a new project in Xcode, select the iOS “Single View Application” template as a starting point. It should hand you a readymade view controller object with a .xib, and you can get started from there.


Thank you for replay :slight_smile: