"Interface Builder XIB Compile Error"


I’m having issues after updating from xcode 4.6 to xcode 5.0.2. I’ve generated everything, there clearly is a quizviewcontroller.xib file in the directory yet the interface builder cannot find it. Frustrated, I’ve tried opening in 4.6, still gives the same error. help please :imp:


Do yourself a favor and read the following tutorial.

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Once you have done that, you will know how to set a storyboard or an XIB file as the app’s main interface.


The solution provided there, setting Main Interface to “QuizViewController” did not work. I am not new to coding, only in regards to objective c and x code. Instead of talking down to someone you feel is beneath you, how about providing some real help? Thanks.


[quote]…Instead of talking down to someone you feel is beneath you, … [/quote]Focus your energy on asking an intelligent question instead of displaying signs of wrong attitude.

[quote]The solution provided there, setting Main Interface to “QuizViewController” did not work.[/quote]You need to tinker with these settings: Main nib file base name and Main storyboard file base name.

No pain, no gain.


This walkthrough is not helpful. Xcode cannot find Main.storyboard. I have followed the tutorial to the t. Please provide a working solution


In Xcode, select a target in the Project Editor to display its settings.

Select the General pane;
Choose the Main Interface in Deployment Info;
Select the Info pane, and
Enter value for only one of the following settings (you must set the other one to blank);
Main nib file base name
Main storyboard file base name

Now, you should be all set.


That’s the whole issue, I have set the Main Interface to main.xib and I have tried main.storyboard in a remake, both time they were set in theinfo pane. it still claims it does not exist


anyone?? tried a clean build, error still persists


this error is ridiculous. if i open a brand new single view application, i receive the same error. this has to be an issue with some setting? someone give me some helpful insight. there is no logical reason that a brand new single view application would fail to run with out-of-the-box settings. any time i add a .storyboard or .xib to an empty i get the same error.