Interface in .m


First, I spent all day looking at old/outdated tutorials online before I came across multiple recommendations for this book. I was ecstatic to find out it was just released a month ago and is using the current version of Xcode. Perfect timing!

I just did the first chapter, and it worked wonderfully. However I ended up with the following code at the top of my QuizViewController.m file:

[code]@interface QuizViewController ()


Right before @implementation.

I don’t know how it got there, or what it might be for. (It doesn’t seem to do anything - I tried deleting it and everything still worked fine.)


The templates now add in what is called a “class extension” in some .m files. You can safely ignore it for now. Later on, you can add instance variables, methods and properties inside the class extension so that they aren’t visible to other classes. You can also safely delete it.