iOS 6 and Memory



Thanks for writing this wonderful book. I found it really helpful and it’s one of those rare technical books that I can say that I love. I’ve found it very engaging so far.

A quick question. When going through the paragraph that justifies the need for BNRImageStore:

[quote]When a photo is taken, that image is loaded into memory. However, the image file is so large that
it causes a low-memory warning. Recall that a low-memory warning gives the system the option of
requiring view controllers to release their views if they are not currently visible. When a modal view
controller is on the screen, its view is visible, and the view of the view controller that presented it is
not. In our case, the low-memory warning destroys DetailViewController’s view, and the imageView
is no longer available when we try to set it.
To get around this problem, we must create a separate store for images. Instead of putting the image
directly into the imageView, we will put it into this store.[/quote]

I get the feeling that it’s not relevant anymore (please note that I have not ready the rest of the chapter yet) owing to the changes in the view controller lifecycle that you have described here: … -in-ios-6/. Am I right? Or, as usual, am I missing a point? :slight_smile: