iOS programming BNRG 3rd edition


I started reading iOS programming 2nd edition, realized that I need to learn more about Objective-C so I am currently reading the new Obj-C Big Nerd Ranch Guide (Excellent Book!). I see that memory management has changed alot with iOS 5 and Xcode 4.2. Will/When do you expect to be releasing iOS programming 3rd Edition so I can never trouble my mind with reference counting?

Thanks for such Excellent books!


We’ve got one more book in the queue before the iOS book gets to our editor - it’s on its way, but I wouldn’t hold your breath that long. Unless you’ve had Navy SEAL training.


Thanks. I’ll just keep plugging along with the Objective-C til then…


I could be wrong, so others correct me if that’s the case, but you wouldn’t really be wasting your time learning about iOS programming before the 3rd Ed comes out. Once you’ve got a firm grasp of iOS programming switching from 4.x to 5.x with ARC should be trivial.


Agreed. :slight_smile:


I couldn’t agree more!!

Every iOS developer should know how to program without ARC because it is so important to understand memory management. It took me some time to grasp it when I first started programming but I think the time was well worth it since it shored up other ideas and patterns of the language. I really hope in the new edition they make this point clear and first teach without ARC. Seeming how legit BNR has been I bet they will introduce it after the chapter on memory management.