iPad not working


I reached chapter 13 (pag 262) and then my iPad version wont work when I select a row.

As I cant seem to find the problem I go to my version of chapter 12, and still not working if i make it universal. But, the problem is only in the iPad simulator, the iPhone works.

So i go to my version of the chapter 11…and the same thing happens. A bit desperate I check if it works on the chapter solutions from Big Nerd Ranch, and it does.

The last thing is that I supplanted my code with the code of BNR little by little to see if I could find the mistake, but alter supplanting all my code by BMR’s the app still doesn’t work. Even if it works perfectly on BNR’s solutions!!!

What’s going on here??


Second Act:

I did a entirely new app, but Universal from the start!!..and I copied all my previous code…and this time it works just fine!!..something went wrong in the transition from iPhone app to Universal…