iPhone 4.3 Simulator Shows White Screen


When I run the Hypnosister app on the simulator … I get a white screen … I am running xCode 4.1 … Is there something im missing … I am pretty sure the code is correct … Please advise …


I don’t remember the tasks and challenges in that chapter/exercise exactly, but I know that when I was working on a derivative of that project I forgot to modify the attributes of the top-most layer to have a clear background (the default is white), such that things “underneath” the topmost layer couldn’t be seen.



Thanks so much for the insight …


I had the same problem when I first wrote out the code for this section. It turns out I made a critical typo in the drawRect method. Can you spot it?

// Draw concentric circles from the outside in for (float currentRadius = maxRadius; currentRadius < 0; currentRadius -= 20) { NSLog(@"Iteration"); CGContextAddArc(context, center.x, center.y, currentRadius, 0.0, M_PI * 2.0, YES); CGContextStrokePath(context); }

After fixing this mistake, it showed up like it’s supposed to.